Holistic Skincare & Daily Wellness Essentials

What does wellness have to do with skin health?

Only everything.

Our natural skincare, wellness, and affirmation products support the powerful mind+body connection to enhance the joy and fulfillment of everyday life...which makes that skin glow. ✨

The Science Behind Holistic Skin Care:

  • "I’ve been ordering lip balm from Treesnail for 7 years for a reason! Treesnail’s lip balm is the perfect consistency and doesn’t sit thick on your lips like others do. One application and I’m set for the rest of the day. Christine is also incredibly kind and really cares about her products and customers. Can’t recommend Treesnail enough!!"

    - Gazadoodle

  • "I've been using the (dry skin facial serum) a few years now. My face used to be flaky and so dry every winter. Ever since I've been using this serum, I've had wonderfully moisturized skin. I use it year round and don't go a day without it. No more dryness, ever! Life changing!!"

    - Jamie

  • "I have been purchasing from Christine for years now and the quality of these products still holds true! I am obsessed with the lip balms along with the skin care products. It is always so thoughtful to receive a personal handwritten note from Christine for every order! I will be a Treesnail fan for life!"

    - Jenna

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