Recommended Wellness Vendors

With all of the wellness sites to choose from (and greenwashing to sort through), I am proud to introduce you to my favorite vendors that are focused on natural living, mindfulness, and helping to create lives of healthy habits.

In health and wellness,

Christine Glaser, C.A. (Owner and Maker of Treesnail Wellness)

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Plant Therapy Essential Oils

If you're looking for essential oil singles, hydrosols, natural house cleaners, CBD, or other natural living products, you NEED to know about Plant Therapy.

As a certified aromatherapist, this one of the only essential oil companies I will recommend.

This is not an MLM company, which means prices are as low as possible while still providing high-quality, pure essential oils with transparent testing.

Visit the Plant Therapy website

Starwest Botanicals

For individuals that are looking for organic herbs, spices, loose leaf teas, and herbal extracts to enhance your daily wellness, this place is for you!

Starwest also has tons of items for the natural home, such as organic dryer bags, infused herbal oils, and body/hair care.

Adaptogens, immune support, culinary delights, organic DIY ingredients...this is seriously a wellness-lovers playground.

Visit the Starwest Botanicals website

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the world's largest free meditation app with 19 million meditators and over 150k free tracks.

This app is a wealth of information and life-changing routines that you can completely customize to what you need, wherever you are.

Meditation, sleep help, breathwork, yoga, and community.

With topics such as stress, self-compassion, pain, creativity, motivation, gratitude, anxiety, focus, healing, and so much more, there is WITHOUT A DOUBT something here that will enhance your life.

(Did I mention that it's free?)

Download the Insight Timer App

Generation Mindful

"What if 'stop crying' turned into 'I'm listening' for an entire generation?" - Suzanne Tucker

If we, as wellness advocates, know that suppressing feelings is the leading cause of illness, chronic pain, mental health issues, addiction, and more...doesn't it make sense to teach the children in our lives how to regulate their emotions in a healthy way from the beginning?

Generation Mindful is a complete community and resource center built by Suzanne Tucker to help nurture emotional-intelligence in young children and the adults around them.

I have been a Generation Mindful community member since before my children were born (over 7 years ago), and not only has it helped me learn to be a better guide for my children, but it continues to teach me how to be in charge of my own emotions and triggers as well.

This website is truly the answer to raising a world of healthy, resilient, confident human beings that know the POWER of love, connection, and communication.

View the Generation Mindful Website