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Oily Skin Seaweed Face Mask (Bentonite + Charcoal)

Oily Skin Seaweed Face Mask (Bentonite + Charcoal)

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Introducing the Seaweed Fask Mask, the ultimate solution for oily skin. Our unique blend of natural ingredients helps to purify and revitalize your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and balanced.

Bentonite Clay is known for its ability to absorb excess oil, while Activated Charcoal detoxifies and removes impurities. French Green Clay tightens and tones your skin, giving it a smooth and youthful appearance.

We've also added the powerful superfoods Spirulina Powder and Kelp Powder, which are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin. These ingredients work together to control oil production, leaving your skin feeling matte and healthy.

Finally, we've included Chamomile Flower Powder, a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that soothes and calms irritated skin. Whether you have acne-prone or oily skin, this mask is the perfect solution to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Indulge in the rejuvenating power of the Seaweed Fask Mask and experience a new level of skin care.

Ingredients/Materials (*certified organic)

• Bentonite Clay
• Activated Charcoal
• French Green Clay
• *Spirulina Powder
• *Kelp Powder
• Chamomile Flower Powder

Care • Instructions

// Packaging —>
• 2 oz glass jar (to eliminate single-use plastics in our shop, our jars do not have plastic safety-seal liners under the cap; take care to place your jar on a flat surface and settle ingredients before opening gently).
• Cotton muslin bag

// How to Use —>
• Add 1 tablespoon of dried mask mixture to a mixing bowl.
• Pour in 1-2 teaspoons of distilled water, hydrosol, or witch hazel.
• Thoroughly mix into a spreadable paste. This varies depending on the ingredients you choose, so add the liquid slowly until you have a yogurt-like texture.
• Apply the mask to clean skin.
• Leave on 10-15 minutes.
• Rinse with a warm, damp washcloth.
• Apply serum and/or moisturizer of choice (not included).
• Store tightly closed in a cool and dry environment away from direct sunlight.

Handmade + Shipping Info

All Treesnail Wellness skincare and aromatherapy products are handmade in small batches by Christine Glaser, Certified Aromatherapist & Essential Oil Specialist (*St. Louis, Missouri).

All affirmation gear (drinkware, apparel, accessories and decor) is designed by Christine Glaser and created with the help of Printful (*Charlotte, North Carolina).

*Please note that skincare and aromatherapy products will ship separately from printed affirmation gear to maintain our dedication to sustainable production practices.

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